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I am sure you have come across this skinline brand called Cetaphil. It is a product that can be found retailing in Watsons, for example. Additionally, I do know of some dermatologists in Singapore who actually recommend Cetaphil products to their patients.

For me, I grew up using Cetaphil every now and then, as Mum would buy it for the family to use whenever we feel the need to.. or just because. At one point in time, I included the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser into my face cleansing regime, after a doctor recommended it to me. I do still use Cetaphil cleanser but onl once in awhile as I prefer my cleanser to be the foamy kind. Overall, I do like using Cetaphil aYnd I use it especially when I feel my face is experiencing some sort of stress like breakouts.

Cetaphil products are non-comedogenic, gentle on the skin, does not strip our natural oil from our skin (Thus, good for those with dry/sensitive skin) , and does not disturb our skin's natural pH balance. For those whom are allergic to fragrance or do not prefer scents, Cetaphil formulates its products to be fragrance-free.

Cetaphil recommends the 3-step skincare regime!

Cleanse, moisturize, protect!

Start your 3-step skincare regime with Cetaphil!

Moisturize with the MOISTURIZING CREAM

The moisturizing cream feels light-weight and it is non-greasy. It is even suitable for facial use! I know of people who have extremely dry skin condition or eczema and are using this cream. This cream is really effective especially for dry and/or sensitive skin.

I have to admit I do not have the habit of applying sunscreens despite knowing the importance of it. So I try to use makeup which comes with UV protection formula in it... Well, you can call it my feeble attempt in keeping my skin protected from the harmful UV rays. :X The reason why I do not like applying sunscreen on my face is because I feel that it is usually difficult to absorb and I am afraid that it would clog my pores. However, the Cetaphil UV protection cream is fast-absorbing (Surprisingly~), non-greasy, and most importantly... Non-comedogenic~

Overall, Cetaphil products are really gentle for the skin.
It is even recommended for people who have just finished doing lasers.

So.... would you like to try the products out?
I am holding a mini-giveaway!


All you have to do is:

Log into your Twitter and tweet those words in blue by 05 October 2011!: 4 Cetaphil Travel Packs up for grabs! Tweet/RT this to win! More abt Cetaphil on @felizaong blog: http://bit.ly/pc2nCL #cetaphilsg

You can use it for your upcoming holiday trips, staycations, stayovers, after
gyming, etc!
Or simply to try it out before you purchase the full-sized ones! :)

Start tweeting to win!

*DISCLAIMER* Winners are chosen by the advertising agency and/or the client, and not me. All decisions made are final. You will be contacted by them should you be one of my lucky 4 winners. Good luck!

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14 October 2011 at 07:14

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20 October 2011 at 01:29

You are forever so beautiful and sexy. D3lonely

22 October 2011 at 10:17

Nowadays is about seeing all your beautiful photos in the past and waiting for new one to be update. But by looking back the past photos, it just show that your beauty is really something that is so real, even without any make up, it really hard to take my eyes away. You just too beautiful. D3lonely

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