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There are so many collective buying websites these days where we can source for attractive deals such as travel deals, yummy food deals or for beauty-related like facial and manicure sessions. Today's deal at Groupon is indeed something special as it offers an attractive deal from The Blog Shop!

For the next 20 hours or so, you can purchase the deal coupon, whereby you pay only $15 for $35 worth of clothes. That's a 57% saving! What's more, you can use unlimited Groupon per bill.

Click this link [HERE] to view and purchase
this Groupon deal!


On the Groupon page itself, my review of The Blog Shop was quoted in it...
With my blog post link [Click HERE to read] attached.


They are one of my sponsors since early this year and I have to say... They carry a wide variety of apparel and accessories that you will certainly find something that you like. There are pieces suitable for work, for clubbing, for casual and more. <3

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2 August 2011 at 15:21

Hi Feliza, seems like we are blogging about similar things!

I'm doing something for
Duncan In Kuantan

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