Hong Kong Holiday Day 5

(This post should have been posted long ago, but oh well!) :X

Before we know it, it was already the last day of our Hong Kong holiday trip... The fifth and last day! It also means that this is the last blog entry for my Hong Kong escapade. In this entry, I will also be sharing what I bought during my trip in Hong Kong.

Late morning, we had brunch with the Hong Kong relatives at this Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurant called Jade Garden (翠園). The establishment was decorated so lavishly with fine chandeliers hanging from the beautiful ceilings that have intricate carvings on it. The staff pushed those traditional dim sum trolleys (點心車仔) that were filled with many bamboo round trays of goodies. Each of the bamboo baskets had the food labels in Chinese and English, which made it easier for me to select what I wanted.

Some of the dim sum, of which, I have never even come across before. It was like food porn to some extent as there was a great selection of dim sum, and especially since there were some weird but interesting dishes. :p Oh, if you still have no idea after reading the food labels, you can request to the 'trolley dolly' to open the cover for you to take a look.


We ordered numerous dim sum dishes that was so delicious that I simply stuffed myself with them, thus I have totally forgotten to take pictures. You may call me a glutton, if you want. :p Actually, I was hungry too... BUT I did take photos of two new food dishes which was my first time eating them (and I love them!)... And I LOVE THEM!!! Read on~

I'm not sure what this is... But it was really sweet and sticky.
Seemed like a huge amount of flour was used to make this.

And you see this ball thingy?IMG_1596

It's really big! I was so fascinated!!!
Notice its size, comparing to the usual soup bowl beside it in the pic below!

It's not only bigger than my palm, it's bigger than my head!IMG_1599



All the cameras came out when this dish was served! LOL!
So the staff helped us to cut it into pieces...

There was nothing in it....

Except for this white sticky gooey... Similar to muay chee.
It was my first time seeing this and oh my... It was delicious! And sweet! ^__^


This was where we had our lunch - Jade Garden (翠園).
This restaurant is also mentioned in the Michelin Guide.

I know you must be thinking that with me being in Hong Kong, I would have gone crazy with all the wonderful shopping there. But nooooo, I did not quite have the time for that... Sadly. Although, I did get to buy a few pieces of clothing! Better than nothing, right? :D Anyway, there was nothing much to buy as the fashion pieces found in the stores are beginning their Autumn/Winter season wear, and those would not be suitable for our country's weather. :p

BUT!!! I bought lotsa food!
First time that I bought more food than clothing
in a holiday trip! LOL!

8 tins of egg rolls from Hong Kong. If you want to get egg rolls...
You must get from this brand! DUCK SHING HO! 德成號!
Else you will be missing out on something good! Don't say I didn't warn ya!~ :p

I bought 4 boxes of these...

These were given by Bbb's Hk relatives...

And I finally got the 九陰真經! Did you know how many condor heroes wanted this!?
Actually, it's a notebook that Bbb bought for fun and I wanted it, so I took. Wahaha!


Look! Another Astroboy item I managed to find in Hong Kong!
It was a pity that I only went to Hong Kong after a year since the release of the Astroboy movie.
If not, I am sure I would be able to find more Astroboy items... Sigh!!! :(

A gift from Bbb. He got me Marie the Cat! One of my faves!
The rose gold color is so chio! Heart-shaped keyring!

This is the other item that he got for me from Hong Kong Disneyland! :)
I like the cute box! Marie the Cat! It contains cookies in the box. Product of Japan.

Two new skirts from Guess and A/X for myself! :)
Armani Exchange and Guess Skirts

So H&M will finally be arriving in Singapore this year!
So where's the nearest country where you can stock up on this Swedish brand for now?
HONG KONG! And that was what I did! :)

Got this lovely pleated chiffon skirt.
H&M Skirt 01

And this browish-green skirt that has a slight sheen...
H&M Skirt 02

I also bought a beige woollen cardigan, which I like how warm it feels.
Certainly lovely to wear on rainy days or in the office! :)
[But no picture of it. :x]

I also got a white tank top and the grey tunic top that I wore them both to Macau.
Pics in [this blog post].

And a 3-piece lingerie set - Corset, bra and undies.
H&M Lingerie Set

So after the lunch at Jade Garden, we did some last-minute shopping before heading back to the hotel, packed our stuff and headed to the airport for our check-in. We took an evening SQ flight back to Singapore. So that was how I spent my 5 days in Hong Kong. I really enjoyed visiting Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland and would love to visit these 2 parks again.

For my next visit to Hong Kong, I want to visit The Peak in the evening and admire the sunset and the scenery; take the Ngong Ping Cable Car; and visit the Madame Tussauds wax museum (esp since there is the Astroboy figurine being displayed!!!)! I want to also visit the latest attraction in Hong Kong - The Sky100 (天際100), which is due to be opened on 17 April 2011. It is actually an indoor observation deck on the 100th floor of the International Commerce Centre in West Kowloon, Hong Kong. And from the 2nd floor, I will up on the 100th floor in just 60 seconds! Reminds me something like the lift which I took to the 88th floor, to the revolving outdoor observation deck at Baiyoke Sky Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

There is not only this Astroboy figurine at the wax museum...
There is one where one can put both feet into Astroboy's red boots!

Bbb and Me! Leaving on a jetplane. Back to Singapore! :)
On our national air carrier - Singapore Airlines.
Hong Kong 11

Their movie channel abit 'kok' one. The movie I wanted to watch was not shown on the TV channel stated in the guide. The A380 that I was on from SG-HKG was awesome though! Esp the 'couple seats'~ :p

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3 Response to Hong Kong Holiday Day 5

9 April 2011 at 07:23

Poor princess, it must be very tired =<, anyway all those dress will look very nice on you, especially the lingerie, any guy who saw you will wearing the lingerie set will need CPR. I'm very sure, it will look super attractive, super sexy and super beautiful on you. Hope got to see you posting with you fitting in it soon. D3lonely.

9 April 2011 at 17:36

Without makeup, without your contact lens, messy hair, you will still be attractive. D3lonely

6 June 2011 at 01:18

Ahh Hong Kong... Plenty of good food and shopping.. the perfect destination for Singaporeans LOL

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