The Dinner Date at Wild Honey

On a recent Saturday date with Bbb, we headed to Orchard for an afternoon of shopping and dining afterwards. And this was what I wore out with him...

A toga draped dress in teal color, matched with a belt, and my 5" beige heels.
The material was very comfortable... It feels like silk (or maybe it was really silk haha!).

I also like the slight pleated design around the chest area...

I got this dress, thanks to theblogshop!

And so happened that I was at Far East Plaza to collect a bag that I sent for cleaning, I decided to drop by theblogshop store which is located in the same building itself ! :) When I entered the shop, I was greeted with a massive crowd of eager savvy shoppers (like you and me!). Apparently, there was a huge sale going on that weekend and of course the arrival of new stocks.

See that girl with light-colored hair and white top at the right side of the picture below?
Will tell you something later, so read on... But I have pointed her out already ah...


One of the business owners helped to snap a pic of me in the shop. Heh~

After shopping, Bbb and I decided to have an early dinner, and I suggested Wild Honey, a restaurant located in Mandarin Gallery, as I heard so much raves about this place that I wanted to try.

Upon entering, I realized that the dining tables and chairs were not the usual standardized sort. Like for example, the seats which we were shown to, was actually a narrow long table and our seats were made up of a two-seater sofa seat. The sofa was getting so comfortable that I think I got too comfy that I had to stop myself from snuggling up with Bbb.... Afterall, it was a public place. :p

There was no menu sheet/booklet. We had to see what's available from the wall boards that were at the counter area. Afterwhich, like a fast-food establishment, one then orders and pays at the counter, before returning to the seat.

Our view, from where we were seated.

Hand in hand... No place like home...

Bbb had the European set, which is simply Wild Honey's version of Eggs Benedict. Two perfectly poached eggs, sauteed mushrooms and prosciutto on toasted homemade brioche and hollandaise sauce

For myself, I had the Stephanie's steak sandwich... 120g grass fed Australian ribeye, shaved onion, beetroot, parmesan cheese, grain mustard and fresh horseradish on toasted ciabatta.

Our food took quite awhile to arrive. Service was not fantastic. I requested and then specified again that I did not onions in my burger, but then I found them in my burger. It was served in a wooden chopping board, rather unique way of presenting the food item. Anyway , that was the first eggs benedict that Bbb had ever since the last time at Layana in Ko Lanta last year.

The total cost for these two items we ordered was close to S$50, inclusive of service charge and GST. Honestly, the food and the service was not fantastic. I regretted suggesting this place for dinner, in fact. The only plus point was the decor and furniture, as well as for the fact that the food offered is somehow very "breakfast-ish", so one is no longer restricted to having such food only in the mornings. Otherwise, nahhh.... This would probably be our first and last time at Wild Honey for a meal. Drinks, maybe... But still quite unlikely as the drinks are rather pricey too and I can't find any reason to justify the price.

Photo-time!~ ^_^

Nevertheless, a snapshot~ :)

After dinner, we took a short stroll before heading to a watering hole near Clark Quay to join his friends. This place caters not only to drinks and karaoke, but also darts! It was my first time throwing darts and it was quite fun! Especially since it kinda reminded me of my Marksmanship previously in Npcc. :p

Remember earlier on in this entry where I mentioned about the girl in white in theblogshop store? Here's the story... Just as I entered the pub, she saw me and then she went, "Ehhh! I saw you at theblogshop just now!", and I freaking swear that she complimented me by saying "你真的好美" (her exact words). I know, I know... I should be modest, but too happy already, so let me be thick-skinned for once and share it in my blog.... :p

So this is my Beloved... Darting away... :)

He's a Marksman too, like me~~~
So we are awesome "darters", but one thing he failed to 'dart'
was to 'dart away from my love for him'. And I think he preferred that anyway! LOL! :p

We left about 1am++ and had supper.
A very nice date out indeed. Really enjoyed myself! (^_^)

Wild Honey is located at Mandarin Gallery, #03-02.
Open Weekdays 9am-10:30pm; Weekends 8am-10:30pm


6 Response to The Dinner Date at Wild Honey

21 April 2011 at 22:02

You are so beautiful, sexy and attractive. D3lonely

22 April 2011 at 11:39

Nice Dress! =)

24 April 2011 at 23:22

You feel ok babe, it pain to heard you suffer. D3lonely

29 April 2011 at 23:12

The photos may not be clear, but you still look very pretty, sexy. D3lonely

2 May 2011 at 12:27

Love your reflection, everything about you look attractive even if it blur, but just miss a clear photo of you. So which magazine will you be in? Can't wait to get it. Miss your blog a lot, miss your writing, miss all those beautiful and sexy photos of you, just missing you a lot, wish to see you in real, you just so special and hard to forget, you are pretty, sexy and a very wonderful princess, D3lonely.

12 May 2011 at 21:41

I'm a girl, lol. And yes, I think you are very pretty. Nice hair! I'm growing mine out.. :)

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