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The first-ever Freshness Burger outlet in Singapore is located in none other than NEX shopping mall... It is the shopping mall that I frequent 3 to 4 times a week. And mainly, it is for the Share Tea bubble tea store. Sometimes, I had to wait for my bubble tea (but the wait is not as bad as KOI's) so I would look around, and I always spot this fast-food outlet called Freshness Burger. Despite that, I did not have that dying urge to try that... Till only recently when Bbb said that he wanted to try the burgers that this establishment offers.

After my Shaw Theatres premiere movie experience at NEX that evening, we decided to have dinner at Freshness Burger. The Freshness Burger brand hails from Japan and is known for its tasty and healthy burgers. The company advertises itself as "Fresh and Organic", and they offer a neat selection of organic food and drinks. There are also Freshness Burgers outlets in Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong.

Some people may have assumed that Freshness Burger is like one of those atas burger establishments, where a burger may cost tens of dollars (but I doubt anyone would assume that their burgers are priced like that wagyu burger at $101, from the the non-defunct Uberb*rger). You can't blame them, afterall the Freshness Burger eatery gives a very 'restaurant setting' kind of feel. It felt and looked really cozy and warm, in my opinion.

Since it is a fast-food outlet, one makes an order at the counter where you can choose a whole range of food - Side dishes, hot dogs, classic burgers, vegetable burgers, and hamburgers. They also serve organic tea and coffee. From a brochure that I took from the counter, I couldn't understand a single bit of it *LOL*, but at least, I saw the english words 'Grass-fed Beef' (see picture below).

I have read an article which I came across awhile ago on the benefits of eating grass-fed beef. If I remembered correctly, it is said that grass-fed beef has lesser total fats compared to the grain-fed beef. It also has less calories, and the fats contents is almost similar to what a skinless chicken contains. Thus, for those who are worry about fats or cholesterol level, and refrain themselves from eating beef, you can try grass-fed beef as they are considered as lean meat.

Freshness Burgers

I ordered a Teriyaki Burger (S$4.50) and Bbb ordered the Bacon Omelet Burger (S$4.50) at the counter. We proceed to choose a place to sit and waited for our order. Our food arrived within 10 minutes which we were more than happy as we were rather famished. BUT the serving size is too small!

I know how Japan is obsessed with making small stuff and I have always been amazed at their ability to do so, but NO... I cannot accept a thin beef patty! It was so thin that I really could not figure out the taste of it. :( Even the buns were very thin. There was only a little amount of sauce in my burger. Other than the beef patty, the only thing in between of the two buns were the lettuce. Everything was so minimal, that my Uni mate, Marvin, who saw the photo of my burger (which I posted in my Facebook that night) said that he would have felt so cheated if he was served with this. *LOL*.

Bbb said that his burger tasted average and nothing to rave about. Despite the puny burgers that we had, Bbb decided 'to give them another chance' (these are the exact words he said btw) and ordered a second burger. This time, he chose the Classic Cheese Burger (S$7.90). And to be fair to the sizes of the two burgers earlier, this classic cheese burger is of the average size that one gets from a fast-food chain.

His verdict? He prefers this to the first burger that he ordered.
Freshness Burger

I feel that the prices for the burgers offered here are priced reasonably for a fast-food chain. But their ingredients they put into their burgers were very minimal and not filling for the tummy at all. So comparing this to the other Japanese burger fast-food chain in Singapore, Mos Burger... I prefer the latter. Especially since Mos Burger serves burgers that fill my tummy, the yummy clam chowder soup and frozen ichigo desserts! (^_^) Of course, I love the decor and ambience of the Freshness Burger outlet as it does not have a fast-food chain feel to it.

Bbb said that he will not dine here again as it was not filling. I agree with him, unless it is for their fried potatoes which I have not tried at all, or if I decide to have a light meal. Otherwise, I will stay clear of it. I want a big thick yummy burger with lotsa ingredients in between two fluffy buns! *HEH*

Freshness Burger branches can also be found at The Central (Clark Quay) and Century Square (Tampines). Look out for that, especially if you work/live around that area! :)

Freshness Burger at NEX:
NEX Shopping Mall 23 Serangoon Central, #B2-48/49

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