Hong Kong Holiday Day 4

(A continuation of my trip...)

We woke up really early this morning as we were going to Macau!!! There were 14 of us going together! Bbb and I felt so tired still that we simply slept on the ferry ride to Macau. But he slept more than me, almost throughout the whole journey. I was so bored that I decided to camwhore, and take photos with him while he's sleeping. We wore matching greyish tops today! ^_^

Hong Kong 08

Once we arrived at the Terminal, we hopped on the Venetian shuttle bus to the hotel, before we cabbed to our lunch place. It was a rather cloudy day :(

There were so few vehicles on the road.
Cos everyone are stuck in the casinos? LOL! :p


Almost reaching The Venetian.

The HK relatives brought us for lunch at this place named Comida Portuguesa, which serves authentic Portuguese cuisine. Click [HERE] for the restaurant website. The restaurant has a warm ambience setting. The place was decorated with many plates and banners hanging on the wall. There were also those sports tram pictures and flags on the wall. There were displays of photos taken annually, probably to commemorate the restaurant's birthday or something. We sat on the upper level of the restaurant, where we were served by the friendly staff that were all smiles, except for one particular waitress that gave a black face throughout. (-_-)

Even Chow Yun Fatt dined here before!
And I got Bbb to pose at the restaurant entrance. Hehe~ :)

Hong Kong 09

It was my first time having a Portuguese meal.
We ordered many different dishes to share, but I didn't take photos of each and every dish as I was ultra famished and everyone was tucking in so I didn't take any. But anyway, the food was fantastic although my taste buds need to get used to the full-flavored food, probably due to the various spices used. There were many new and strange dishes that I have never tried before till that day. I must say it was an interesting meal experience for me. :)

As if it was not enough, the HK relatives brought us to an eatery place named Loja Sopa Da Fita Cheong Kei for wanton noodles. They said the noodles are a must-try. And if locals say something is nice, it probably is! If you are in Macau, you have to try the various noodles dishes here!

Loja Sopa De Fita Cheong Kei (祥记面家)
68, Rua da Felicidade,
Macau. 澳门福隆新街68号 Open: 12pm – 1am


We proceeded to The Venetian...

The designs were beautiful...
But definitely couldn't be compared to those I saw in the Roman churches in Italy.


How....??? I am still not used to wearing a loose tunic top with leggings.
Basically, it's just because it is loose, thus I am not used to it, even till now. :(

I bought this top from H&M! The one that Bbb is wearing as seen in this post is also from H&M.



Can you imagine the gondolier actually sings?!
The gondolier which steered the gondola I sat on in Venice, did not even sing!
And what was more worst was the smelly canals in Venice. LOL!

Group Pic! I am not inside as I took this photo. :)

Neither am I in this pic :p

But I am in this pic! Hehe~

Just the two of us, my love!


He aims to be the tallest man in the world... Dream on... :p


Next, the HK relatives brought us to this bakery to buy pastries - Pastelaria Choi Heong Yuen. This bakery started in 1935 and they have several retail outlets in Macau today. All of us bought lotsa pastries home for family, friends and colleagues. The almond cakes were awesome! They also have mini almond cakes, where one can buy a box of it, with each mini almond cake which is individually packed. Very cute! I will post the photos of it in my next post k? :)


We walked along the uneven stoned pavements and I spotted a soft toy bear on a tour guide stick! You know, those sticks which tour guides hold up in the air so that the tour group members will not get lost? I got rather excited when I saw that bear as it was the same bear that was attached to the bouquet of flowers which Bbb gave me on my Convocation Day (Read the post HERE)! (^_^)

Yup! This was the bear! :)
Hong Kong 10

In Macau, one can find historical buildings that were given a facelift,
but still hints the Colonial era feel.


Milan Station... The popular Hong Kong second-hand branded goods shop.
But honestly, how good a second-hand item can be? I've my own reservations, sorry to say.

The narrow street

Some say a trip to Macau is not complete without a trip to the Casino.
For me, a trip to Macau is never complete without a trip to the Ruins of St Paul's site!


Im amazed by how splendid the facade was conserved!
Despite that it was built in the 16th century!
And I love the intricately carved details!

The 'stoned' couple. Literally.

It was a pity that I did not get to visit Fortress Hill, but Im sure I can see it the next time I am in Macau. We cabbed to the Ferry Terminal and headed back to Hong Kong island in the evening. Together with Bbb and his Godsis, we went for another shopping trip... Another 'quick' shopping trip which I really wished it could be for hours... But well, we had another family dinner gathering to attend, as it was the last night in Hong Kong, before we had to fly back to Singapore. I was practically combing through stores after stores, like as if I was in some mad frenzy "Grab anything you like in 20 seconds" sort of thing. LOL!

So what I got from this trip? I bought a skirt each from Guess and Armani. Bbb got me a matching 3-piece corset lingerie set from H&M. Oh, and I got myself two tops, a cardigan, 3 intimate wears, and two skirts from H&M. Speaking of which, who's excited that H&M is finally gonna have a store in Singapore!?!! Raise your hand!! :D

After the shopping, we rushed to join the rest at the restaurant for dinner.
They were hanging out at one of the relative's home while we went shopping. :p


Totally appreciate the warm hospitality of Bbb's HK relatives~ :)

The last post for my Hong Kong trip will be up soon!
Stay tuned! :)

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