Review: Food! Pizza De France!

So in my recent blog post, I mentioned that we made a pizza order from Pizza De France. So here's a quick post about it. :)

We decided to have pizzas on a rainy Christmas night. With five pizza companies in mind (And no the 'Pizza company with the hotline number ending with 3535' was not one of our choices), we finally chose whom to order the pizza from.

Why this choice?
(1) Free delivery with a minimum order of $18.
(2) Saw some positive reviews. And no negative review at all.
(3) Chef was trained in France. (Fyi, this was stated in the website. I know some may doubt this, afterall the recent Jonal Chong - Nicole Kidman case may make one not believe such stuff anymore). But really, whatever... imo. :)

2 pizzas for $32! CHEAP OR WHAT!?
My Christmas 2010

We ordered via the phone and was told that the pizzas would arrive in about 45-60 minutes. We waited but it did not arrive even after 80 minutes. So we called the hotline but by then, we heard an automated voice that informed us that they were closed for the day. Horrors! Google became a great help as I searched for an alternative number of the company which I managed to find (Oh, the wonders of the search engine!) and managed to enquire about my order. I was informed promptly that the pizza would arrive in 5 - 10 minutes. And indeed, it did! :D

The pizza delivery guy was really polite. He also apologized for the delay as he explained that it was raining very heavily (yes, it's true) and he couldn't ride his bike (I totally understand how this feels) thus he told the kitchen not to make the pizzas first else it would be too cold by the time it arrives. Before he left, he even wished us a 'Merry Christmas'. :)

Honestly, given my character, I would have boycotted this company for I almost fainted with hunger from the long wait (it took longer than the stated time)... However, I would not and in fact, I will order from them again! Because I liked how thoughtful the guy was with regards to the pizza 'hotness'... It was Christmas Day (maybe more orders)... And it was raining (Safety more important)... And most importantly, the pizzas were delicious!

These were the 2 pizzas that we ordered>>>

Super Meaty
My Christmas 2010

Super Rodeo
My Christmas 2010

I prefer pizzas that are thin-crusted and crispy. Or at least, not those that have a thick and soft crust (which Bbb likes!). The pizza crusts from Pizza De France were in the middle of these two, which I could still accept. (Afterall, with a crust of neither too thin nor thick and neither too crispy nor soft, it acts like a compromise for both of us LOL!)

With the generous amount of the ingredients used for the pizzas, it was really value for money at only $32 for the 2 medium-sized pizzas. I have to add that the ingredients used tasted fresh too. They also provided LOTSA packets of the chilly flakes and grated cheese without me reminding/asking them. One reason why I don't like to order from the 'Pizza company with the hotline number ending with 3535' is because I have to request for these condiments and if I want more, I have to pay. Thus, this was a total plus point. :D

My Christmas 2010

My Christmas 2010

We also had a garlic bread order. Nothing fantastic about it though as it was not 'garlic-ish' enough and the bread crust was not as good as the 'Pizza company with the hotline number ending with 3535' (See! I'm not biased!). Overall, I liked the pizzas. Will order again and hopefully, it arrives quicker next time else I may really faint from hunger haha! :)

P/s: But if you ask me to compare this pizza and the ones from Tepastry, I would choose the latter. But that's because I prefer thin-crusted pizzas. :p

P/p/s: I know pizza originated from Italy, and not France. But do you know that in an international pizza-making competition held last year, France claimed the title? And France is the 2nd biggest consumer of pizza in the world. Read the article and watch the video [HERE].

4 Response to Review: Food! Pizza De France!

14 January 2011 at 13:25

Hehe, I really didnt realise about France winning the International Pizza competition last year. I wonder what they did to bring out the edge to win over Italy? Its like Japan winning a hypothetical International curry competition!

15 January 2011 at 17:09

@Rinaz But Japanese Curry is nice! At least its sweeter, iLike! :D

17 January 2011 at 02:15

Looks good. You are making me hungry :P

26 January 2011 at 02:07

@DK It IS good! You gotta try it one day! My uni mate saw this blog post and ordered shortly after reading it. And he said it was good too! :D

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