My Christmas Celebration 2010!

Hellooooo..... New Year!!! It's the year 2011.
How did you countdown to the New Year?

For me, I was at the Marina area. Will blog about it soon.For now... Here's an entry on my Christmas 2010! What better way to start off the first entry of the year on a happy note right? (^_^) Read on and check out the pics! :)

I love the Christmas celebration which I had for year 2010! It was a celebration filled with joy and warmth, love and happiness... with my family, partner and some friends!

The Christmas tree that was decorated so beautifully!
And it was decorated with much effort, thought and love! :)

My Christmas 2010

Not only just a big Christmas tree, we have the mini version too!
Surrounded by yummy Christmas cookies for the guests to take home.
My Christmas 2010

Cute Santa cookies~
My Christmas 2010

My Christmas 2010

Not only there were the Christmas cookies,
we celebrated Christmas with a lovely and yummy logcake!

My Christmas 2010

Check out the Christmas figurines on the logcake! Mad cute!
My Christmas 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town....
"He knows when you are bitchy, he knows when you're an ass..." :p
(OMGosh... I'm so surprised that I could even come up with something like that!) LOL!
My Christmas 2010

My Christmas 2010

Frosty the snowman.... :p

My Christmas 2010

I found a good use of the Christmas ball ornament (bauble), even for non-Xmas season!
And that is... Creating fisheye effect in photos!!! LOL!
My Christmas 2010

B/W versus Color...
My Christmas 2010

Can you spot me??? :p
My Christmas 2010

I love the jewelled baubles the most (like the one in the pic below).
Cos it is BLING BLING and beautiful! :p

My Christmas 2010

Me again~
My Christmas 2010

Other than all of the above, we also had a BBQ cum wine gathering by the pool area, before we headed up for the Christmas logcake and another wine session. We had lotsa food and I love the scallops the most. Prawns too! And the Christmas turkey which we had too! Ok, basically I liked all of the food! HEH!

Me! Adding the tomato paste onto the scallops, before sprinkling some cheese on it.
Me at Xmas 2010 BBQ

The white Christmas tree which I wanted a picture with.
It looks so pure and beautiful in white. Don't you think so? :)

My Christmas 2010

And I made Bbb to take a picture with it. Cos he looks like a giant beside it. LOL!
I think he thinks it is weird to take with a Xmas tree shorter than him.

My Christmas 2010My Christmas 2010

These were prepared by my Sis, cos she knows I like to eat these!
I have an awesome sister ^_^ And I like the Christmas present that she got for me! <3

My Christmas 2010

Other than my side, Bbb's family side also had a Christmas gathering on Christmas Eve itself. And this was what I wore to the party: An aqua green tube dress with a red belt. It was my first time wearing this dress despite buying it few months ago. If it was on any random day, I wouldn't match it with the red belt. But hey~ It's Christmas! So I wanted to have a green-red combi. At the same time, Bbb matched me by wearing a red polo top.

Me! On Christmas Eve!
(Forgot to adjust the setting when I took this pic with my webcam, thus a small pic)
My Christmas 2010

A buffet dinner was catered and there was a popiah party too! It has been ages since I made popiah so I was excited to be able to make it again! Even Bbb was delighted to make it as he has never make one in his entire life before. Imagine my shock when I heard it? I thought making popiah is something common? Anyway, I love eating popiah... But only those that are well-made, not those 'shabby' or not flavorful ones.

Other than making popiah for ourselves to eat, Bbb and I made one for each other!
Our first time making for each other, as normally we'd just buy it from our fave stall.
My Christmas 2010My Christmas 2010

The wetter/saucier/sliced one was made by Bbb. And the 'whiter' one was made by me.

He didn't want to slice it off, preferring to eat it like a burrito! LOL!
My Christmas 2010

As there were the little ones at the party, Bbb and I prepared Christmas gifts for them. Other than the present which we thoughtfully chose for each of them, we also included a Kinder Joy chocolate egg in the gift bag. What is Kinder Joy? It is not Kinder Surprise even though it is also shaped like an egg (Click [HERE]to read my Kinder Joy blog entry, with pics!). For those who have eaten Kinder Surprise or Kinder Joy, you would have known that sometimes, those on display would be squashed or pressed by some 'itchy fingers'. So, when I was selecting the Kinder Joy eggs, I was examining them as if they were like real chicken eggs! A funny sight indeed! ;p

Me! With my 6 carefully-chosen Kinder Joy eggs! :)

After the party at his side, Bbb and I did our Christmas Day countdown at home!
Once the clock struck 12,
we celebrated by drinking a bottle of wine
while watching 'The Blind Side' on DVD.

Christmas 2010 Bbb_Me

Yes, I love a quiet Christmas countdown.
Nothing's as lovely than to countdown to Christmas Day with my partner. :)

My Christmas 2010My Christmas 2010

And on Christmas Day, we had a Pizza Party! "Pizza again?", you say?
Yeah, probably we craved for that after having yummy ones at Tepastry.

(Read Tepastry's pizza review HERE).

My Christmas 2010
(Will be blogging about the pizzas from Pizza de France. Stay tuned!)

Well, that pretty sums up my Christmas celebration. I love all the presents I receive, and I hope everyone likes my presents I gave too! Which reminds me of the present which I made for Bbb for Christmas 2008! Even till now, I am so proud of it! :D

Yup! I made a gingerbread man for Bbb back then!

"Made with Love"<--- A tagline I started using for the plushies I made for him since then.

If you are interested to read more about the whole Gingerbread Man process,
click [HERE]. :)

4 Response to My Christmas Celebration 2010!

2 January 2011 at 01:16

You always look so beautiful and sexy,you're very attractive princess, very very attractive, D3lonely

2 January 2011 at 02:52

@D3 Thank you! Happy New Year to you! :)

3 January 2011 at 09:33

Thank for sharing all those beautiful photos of you, never get tired of reading and seeing your blog. 2010 will mark as a wonderful year, as I got to see you in real. Every time, it maybe a 5 to 10 mins but one thing for sure, you're really very beautiful and sexy in real. Even without make-up, you still attract me, you're a very attractive lady. Hope to see more beautiful photos of you soon and may 2011 will be a great year for you. D3lonely

3 January 2011 at 16:03

Happy New Year Fel!

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