Review: Must-Try! Pizza from Tepastry, kevinbakery!

It was a cool and windy evening as we made our way to the East of Singapore to a condominium where we would be having our dinner at. And no, we were not having dinner at a friend's condo, but at this pizza place named Tepastry! Prior to our visit, we heard so much about the delicious thin-crusted pizza that Bbb and I knew that we have to try it out one day. And we did that two Fridays ago! (You would have known that, if you have been following me on my Twitter actually).

This small but cozy pizza place is situated WITHIN the condominium premises.

The pizzas are made lovingly by a Mr Kevin, a very friendly man. FROM SCRATCH!
I almost felt like I was eating some homemade pizzas! Honestly!

Since our pizzas was prepared only after we ordered, we took the time to take pics! Also because, there were some orders before ours. But as I always say, "GOOD THINGS MUST WAIT!!!" :p

At Tepastry

We ordered two 12" pizzas - Italiano and Triple M.


Italiano pizza.

Triple M pizza (taken with flash) - Pepperoni, Ham, Beef, Cheese & Onion.

Triple M pizza (taken without flash).

The pizzas are flavorful and made with fresh ingredients... And I must say that a generous amount of ingredients was used. I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE pizzas that are thin-crusted, and these pizzas definitely met to my expectations. With the fact that everything is made from scratch, Tepastry has definitely exceeded my expectations!

Before we made our way to Tepastry, I only have the address as a guide and I know it was situated in some sort of apartment block. I thought it was something like the Ice Cream Chefs, where the ice-cream shop is at the ground level of a long and low-level apartment block (if you have been to Ice Cream Chefs, you would know what I mean la!). But nooooo..... when we reached The Makena Condo, I realised it was actually a condo site.

The condo is rather inaccessible via the regular public bus service (the nearest bus stop being 500 metres or so!). I would advise that you drive to this place. When you are at the entrance, simply tell the guards at the guard house that you are going to Tepastry for a meal. As the condo area is not those with only 1 or 2 condo blocks, the easiest way for me to tell you how to head to Tepastry is to simply turn right after the guard house and then through a small corridor walkway.

Based on the first picture in this blog entry, you should be able to guess that there are limited seats. There are less than 10 tables available. So it will be good if you can make a reservation (especially if you are coming in a big group). Tepastry does takeaways too... So you can simply call them and place your order, and then swing by to pick your pizzas up.

It was really breezy and quiet that evening when we were there. We were the only ones when we reached at about 9.30pm. And the whole place and atmosphere felt really romantic, even though it was a simple dining place. Or maybe I am easily contended, as long as my partner is around??? LOL! Nevertheless, I really enjoyed having this dinner with Bbb! Even after a family (I believe they are residents as they were in their PJs) came by for a meal at Tepastry while we were still waiting for our pizzas, the place was still so nice and romantic. I recommend this place for a simple dinner date! (^_^)

And yes! I will be visiting this place for more pizzas in future! They also serve pastries and bread (homemade!), pasta, cakes and ice-cream too! Oh, and before you head to Tepastry, do take note that they are closed on Mondays! I don't want you to make a wasted trip! :)

Tepastry by kevinbakery
Address: 121 Meyer Road. The Makena.
Tel: +65 63487174

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30 December 2010 at 21:35

You always look so beautiful and in the white dress you look like an Angel from heaven, Happy new year beautiful princess. D3lonely

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