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I know I have been a very bad girl. I haven't been blogging for 8 days. Like how Beyonce called Lady Gaga a very bad girl in the 'Telephone' MV,I can imagine Beyonce saying something like this to me....

You've been a very bad girl, a very very bad bad girl ZAZA. :p
(Watch vid below)

Analyzing for work purposes is so tiring (though rewarding). But it is definitely not as difficult as compared to analyzing guys. HEH! In between of work, I took quickie trips to town for shopping, movies and food. So here's two tops I recently bought, on top of a Christian Audigier top that I bought with a friend as our friend's birthday present.

Knitted top from Zara.
Actual color is more of brownish-grey.


Polo tee from Polo Ralph.
(Photo ended up as mirror image)
Ralph Lauren Skinny Polo

And last Sunday, I went shopping with my parents in Ion and Taka, before meeting Sis for lunch. Afterwhich, we ladies went for a consultation session with a bespoke seamstress, with Dad being the ever-patient man to accompany us at that place. Mum made two dresses, while Sis and I did one each.

No, there isn't any upcoming occasion/event to attend, but it was because since I have not done a made-to-measure piece, why not get one done? Afterall, I can specify the dress design and have it fitted to my exact body shape and measurements. Awesome right?!

I did a long dress, like a maxi dress. It isn't that casual or formal, probably a mix of both and it's perfect for shopping! Ok, maybe a beach cocktail/wedding party. Now, I just have to wait for the seamstress to contact us to go down for a final fitting. YAY! :)

After a few hours, we were finally done, so we headed for dinner at Sushi Tei (Holland V). And then a night jacuzzi/swim before calling it a day. I was SO tired that I slept rather early that night, which was rather rare for me to do so. :p

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18 October 2010 at 01:35

You always look sexy and pretty even on a simple dress, especially the Knitted top. It look abit tight on your cleverage area but it look really nice on you, very sexy. D3lonely

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