Ferrari's Fernando Alonso wins Singapore Grand Prix 2010

Alonso wins
Singapore Grand Prix 2010

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso wins Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2010, with an impressive start-to-finish victory! Thus, moving closer to the Formula One Championship lead. He held off Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel (who came in second) from the start to the end and I would say it was indeed a close fight between the two drivers.

It was disheartening to see Lewis Hamilton world title dreams dashed as he failed to finish due to a collision between his car and Red Bull Mark Webber's on lap 36, nearing to turn seven - Webber's car clipped Hamilton's left rear with his front right tyre, when Webber was trying to hold his inside line.

The Collision
Mark Webber, Lewis Hamilton
(Credit: BBC)

Hamilton's frustration was evident as he was forced to ditch his McLaren due to the damage and threw his steering wheel out of the cockpit. Stewards announced that the incident would be investigated, but concluded no further action was required.

Mark Webber finished third, with Jenson Button in the fourth place. Well sad to say that the driver that I have been supporting (Note: The driver, not the team), Nico Rosberg, came in fifth. Never mind, there's always next year for this suave looking driver. :p

And this is Bbb, taking a picture with Rosberg, back in 2008. :)

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