Shunji Matsuo Hair Session

In my previous post, I shared pictures of my latest look after undergoing a hair session last week, kindly sponsored by Shunji Matsuo salon. And in this post, I will be sharing with you the details of the 4.5 hours hair session I went through. :)

The day I trimmed, colored and treated my hair - 03 August 2010.

Upon arriving at Shunji Matsuo salon and giving my name to the receptionist, I was led to my seat. Shortly after that, I met my stylist for the day, Haruka-san, and her assistant, Alice. I had short consultation session with Haruka, which we discussed the hair style I hope to achieve. She provided recommendations and advice, and showed me a file containing pictures of Japanese ladies with nicely-styled hairstyles.

KAWAII nehhh

I have been planning to cut my hair shorter once my hair reaches my butt area. As much as I wish to have shoulder-length hair, I ruled that out since its not possible to heat curl my hair with that length. So Haruka and I agreed that it will be till the chest area. I backed out of having bangs (though I always fantasized having bangs)... Just not ready for that. Oh gutless me!

First off...Hair Wash by Alice!

My hair length, before it was trimmed off.

Haruka combed through my hair thereafter. And since I couldn't see what she was doing (since she was at the back) I didn't know she had already embarked on snipping my hair. I came to know only when I saw all the hair on the floor! She's like a sniper, with skilled and steady hands! :p

Getting my hair snipped off~
And my hair length was shorter by about 25cm (measured back at home).

My hair was then blowed dry and Haruka continued snipping away~

See the picture below: Omitting the little long strand of hair and that clipped up hair at the back, you can actually see a short hair version. Now, will I look like if my hair is cut this short - Above shoulder length? :p But this will not be something new for me, if I were to cut this short, since my hair was above-collar length for 10 years in the past (Due to rules by my Primary & Secondary school).


Arimino Conditioning Mist and Milk

After my haircut, the next thing to do was to color my hair! But before that, Haruka sprayed a type of conditioning mist, to protect my hair. She followed by using this machine equipment which sprays out mist. Doesn't it look like those clothes steamer? LOL LOL!


This was the machine that she used

Next, it was coloring time! Hair coloring, that is! :)

So after doing the color highlighting, it was adding the base color to my hair. I had some blonde-like highlight streaks from my previous previous hair color job (which revealed itself even after my last color job) that I wished to cover. And I wanted to have a darker base color for my hair as I read that having light color for one's hair will make one's hair to look dry... Or more dry (if it already is!). And I really wanted to have hair that does not look as dry. And that's also one of the reasons why I decided to chop off my locks too, to get rid of the dry split-ends of mine.

The salon uses L'oreal Professional color dye.

After an hour plus, it was time to wash off the hair dye. Next I was treated to a hair spa treatment. A small tube of Kérastase Chroma Perfect was applied onto various sections of my hair. Seeing the pictures (as below).... It was as if white glue was applied instead. HEH!


And then, a bathcap-like head cover was attached to my towel-wrapped hair, and the same machine (thats used for the hair mist) was switched on. And before you know it, it blew up and became bigger. My puffed-up face was as round as the red 'balloon' that I simply had to take snapshots of myself! :p


And yes, @anthonyl1m accompanied me throughout the whole time. He could have went for a walk (and shop) in Orchard Road, but he sat through the whole session with me. Super touched.... (Going to cry, where's my tissue? LOL!) Even Haruka-san commented that he is so nice lor.

But maybe it was because he was too engrossed playing the games
in the Samsung Galaxy BEAM phone. :p


After the hair treatment, the Arimino conditioning mist was sprayed onto my hair once more. My hair was blowed and styled by Haruka next.

Blowing my hair to something stylish~

I super love my curls at the bottom of my hair...
Reminds me of how my hair curled in naturally, when my hair was this length previously.




After all the time I spent sitting down, and all the time and effort by Haruka and Alice, I know we all deserve a photo-taking session. But the two ladies were quite shy, but they were still very nice to oblige me. So sweet! :D

But a little presuasive was needed...
But still, the 'come takeeeee' moments were so much fun! HEE!


Me, with Haruka-san and Alice... Doing the Japanese peace signs. :p

Thanks Haruka-san for making my hair beautiful! :p

Well, this basically ends my entry. Once again, thanks Shunji-san for the kind sponsorship. And Haruka-san and Alice! And by the way, Haruka is the salon's International Director. I was surprised after seeing her title from her namecard that she gave me before I left. Why surprised? Cos she didn't put on any airs and was totally very friendly and attentive to what I would like for my hair (instead of dictating what my hair style/length/color should be).


Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon
20 Bideford Road

#01-01/02 Wellington Building
Telephone: 62381522

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12 August 2010 at 15:53

That's pretty :-)

12 August 2010 at 16:23

@rinaz Thanks! And all credits go to Haruka and Alice! :)

13 August 2010 at 11:49

looks good XD

i need to cut my hair tooo...

13 August 2010 at 14:25

WOW! IT looks fun like totally!!!

14 August 2010 at 10:07

You are beautiful and cute always. D3lonely

14 August 2010 at 14:14

Lovely and pretty... :)

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