Facebook 'Dislike' Button Scam

More than 3 million Facebook users expressed that they want to have a 'Dislike' button, on top of the 'Like' button. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company officials would "definitely think about" adding a 'Dislike' button.

Yes, currently you can get a 'Dislike' button, but be sure to get it through the Firefox Add-ons web page, as mentioned by Cluley, a senior technology consultant with software security firm Sophos, whom had sounded the alert on his company's blog.

This was because a viral scam has been spreading on Facebook. Once granted permission to access a Facebook user's profile (since user assumes that its the usual 'access granting procedure' for Facebook apps), the application pumps out spam from the account and spreads itself by inviting the person's friends to get the button, according to Sophos.

After granting access to that fake Dislike button app, they will require you to 'share' it with your Facebook friends by posting it on your Facebook wall (and yes, that's how I got wind of the so-called Dislike button). Afterwhich, users will be forced to comple
te an online survey contained in the application, before they point you to a Firefox browser add-on for a "Dislike" button made by FaceMod as a Facebook add-on (which is totally lame, since you can actually get the button from the Firefox Add-ons web page).

I discovered this piece of news from a friend who sent me a private message on FB. After doing more research, yes it is indeed a scam. But guess what??? I have fallen prey to that scam too, but somehow the app 'hanged' after I clicked to post it on my Facebook wall, so I did not do any online survey at all.

But why would I want a 'Dislike' button, since wouldn't it be nice to 'like' my friends' status messages? Yes it will be nice.... But not if my friend's status message is, "So much unfinished work, I have to bring it home over the weekend to do!" or "Rolled down the hill today, broke my legs and I'm in the hospital, and no one has visited me yet.". If there are such status messages from my friends, a 'Dislike' button would be more appropriate that a 'Like' button, isn't it? :)

P/S: Will Simon Cowell dislike this too? :p

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