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On 21 May 2010, Singapore premiered its own version of 'The Apprentice' reality show, and it comes in the form of 'The Rookie'. Before you comment, "No, I watch TV 24/7 and there is no The Rookie... You bluff me!", allow me to tell you guys that you can only watch The Rookie, a reality show brought to you by Nokia, by clicking HERE.


If you have followed me on my Twitter account (@felizaong), you would have known that awhile ago, I was tweeting to get people to sign up to participate in The Rookie reality show. Out of all the hundreds (probably even thousands) applications, 50 were called down for a screening interview, of which 12 finalists were then shortlisted to take on a series of challenges, with the goal of winning the coveted title of 'The Rookie'.

Presenting to you the 12 finalists...
(Of which, 2 are out of the challenge already)

Out of the 12 contestants, the final four will be given internships at the following dynamic and vibrant companies: Microsoft, Nokia, Standard Chartered Bank and Zouk. With that, only ONE will emerge as THE ROOKIE, of which he or she will bag the cash prize of S$5000. How cool is that!!?

And then you may exclaim, "What??! It means that the other eleven contestants will go home empty-handed?". No, definitely not... For each of them will receive a brand new Nokia E72 mobile phone. And for each challenge, the winning team gets to receive special awesome prizes.... so awesome, that I urge you to watch The Rookie to find out what they are! :p

The contestants were first divided into two teams. The given task for each round will be sent to one of the contestant's Nokia E72 phone. He or she will then read the message out aloud. As a team, everyone brainstorm for ideas and put in their best effort to achieve the given task. The winning team for each challenge will be based on different sets of criteria in relation to the task.

As I have already mentioned, winning team will be awarded a special prize. And for the losing team of that round, one member from the team will be eliminated. *GASP* I think it is ok to be eliminated, it does not mean that the person is lousy, inefficient or whom is one that will bring the team down. Perhaps the person may be voted out as the others would want one less strong opponent to fight with for the top prize (this may happen, especially nearing to the final few rounds)... Ok, fine... Maybe I watched too many reality shows already, but hey... This is a form of survival skill!! Heh!

So far, I am amazed by the Nokia E72 for its assistance to the contestants in the challenges. It is indeed a high-performance device that provides seamless business and personal communications!

Read more about the Nokia E72 (HERE).

So what if you are not one of the twelve contestants, you can be a part of The Rookie reality show too!...

By predicting which contestant will be THE ROOKIE!

Two lucky people who guessed correctly will win for themselves a Nokia E72 device each! (I ALSO WANT!!! I need a mobile phone that I can surf the net, email, and tweet while on the go!)

How to vote? Let me show you! :)

(1) Visit The Rookie site by clicking (HERE).

(2) Click on 'Contestants' which you can see at the top of the page.

(3) View the profiles of the contestants and the attached videos to get an idea of each individual.

(4) Vote by clicking on the rectangular box found on the profile page of your selected 'I think that he or she will be the ultimate rookie' contestant.

The red oval as seen in this pic shows the button where you have to click. :)

A pop-up window will appear and then you make your final decision.
Afterwhich, fill in your personal particulars and submit your entry!!!


So easy right? :)
Contest closes on 16 June 2010! HURRY!

A tip for you to predict the individual that has the ability and capability to be crowned as The Rookie: Do watch the webisodes first to get an idea of their leadership, creativity and other characteristics and capabilities, so as to judge who has what it takes to be The Rookie! For me, based on the first two webisodes, my current choice will be Sueann Tan.

The six webisodes of The Rookie will be aired between 21 May 2010 to 02 July 2010. Till to date, two webisodes are already up on the site for you to view. I personally watched the two webisodes already and I found it interesting.

The next webisode of The Rookie will be shown on 04 June and I can't wait for it! (^_^)
Click (HERE) to head over to The Rookie site now!

I have also included the 1st webisode for you here.
But for more webisodes, don't forget to check out the website!

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