More Pictures of Orchard Road Flood on 16 June 2010!

I know you are probably looking forward to PART 2 of the Wonder Girls Music Showcase blog entry after reading the PART 1 entry of mine. However, let's take a break and move back to the Orchard Road flood which happened 6 days ago. I know I have blogged about the Orchard Road flood a few days ago with this post and this post. But here's more pictures taken by a friend of @anthonyl1m.

Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010

Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010

A Lambo Gallardo was spotted being towed away after the water level decreased.
Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010

Swimming in the mud water?
Nope, its just SCDF personnel doing their job. 3 cheers for them!

Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010

Lucky Plaza Basement Level
(not so lucky afterall....)

Orchard Road Flood 16 June 2010

The flood that disrupted businesses and damaged properties and cars came very unexpectedly. It was a big hoo-ha to the nation which the government agencies tried to give a good explanation for the cause of the flood. Some of us may not know that Orchard Road ever experienced a flood in 1954, so the flood on 16 June 2010 wasn't the first time. But of course, the Orchard Road now is of a vast difference to the Orchard Road then, so damage is certainly a lot more times worst.

Thankfully, there was no death reported so it was not as bad as the flood at Newton Circus in 1978, which led to the death of 7 unfortunate victims. Also, the floods that Singapore had experienced so far in the last few decades weren't as bad as those that we have seen/heard/experienced in other countries, such as the ongoing South China flood, as well as the Southern France flash flood (which happened on the same day as our Orchard Road flash flood, with a death toll of 25 reported and counting).

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