Twitter bug + My FB impersonator

Oooo.... Twitter discovered that they have a bug in their site. Apparently, it allows people to force others to 'follow' them on Twitter! Too bad Twitter has solved this issue, else I could have gotten @ladygaga and @richardbranson to 'follow me' on Twitter. LOL! But just to add, I am simply delighted and estatic that my favourite designer, @Roberto_Cavalli, is following me on Twitter! *skips in circles*

So after this bug issue, my lovely Tweetie friends discovered that they have the status of "0 followers" and "0 following" in their Twitter profiles, and were tweeting about it to let ignorant people like me to be aware of it... And so...

It looked something like this:twitter00bug

The Twitter team was aware of this, (which you can read about it HERE) and managed to solve it within an hour! While I was typing this post and was refreshing my profile, TA-DAH..... I saw that my follower and following counters are back to normal! All within an hour! Good work, Twitter team! (^_^)

Oh! And if you have not 'follow me' on Twitter, then you should!
Click on the Twitter logo below, it will take you to my @felizaong Twitter page! :)


And I also found out that there is someone whom is impersonating me in Facebook. Click HERE for the impersonator's FB profile page. She uses my name (Feliza Ong) and the main profile picture shows a picture of ME. Should I be pissed or treat it as a compliment? I didn't know I am so popular. I thought its better that I announce it here, just in case she uses my identity to deceive others in any sort of way!

5 Response to Twitter bug + My FB impersonator

11 May 2010 at 08:31

I love twitter!! :D

11 May 2010 at 13:51


11 May 2010 at 22:34

Urgh! Who is that person?!

12 May 2010 at 00:47

@Jan LOL!

@Kelvin: Thanks. I been reading your posts, all so funny, esp the pilot being late for his flight. :p

12 May 2010 at 00:47

@Rinaz I have no idea! But its certainly someone that is not proud of himself/herself and thinks that impersonating as someone else brings joy to his or her life. Grrrrrrrrr

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