Popcorn from Cornery


And you thought it was for real?
Only pictures of the popcorn, if you want! :p

When my brother knew that I was heading to Ion Orchard on Thursday, he told me to help him to get popcorn from Cornery, a shop located at the Ion Food Hall (basement 4). At that time, I was wondering how yummy the popcorn is.... Afterall, isn't popcorn supposed to be just popcorn? And which you can only choose between sweet or salty?

But upon reaching the store, I realised that there are many flavors to choose from - Chocolate, caramel, green tea, bubblegum, honey mustard, white cheese and lots more! I felt like a wide-eyed girl in a candy store... Only difference was that I was at a popcorn store!

Flavors you can get from Cornery
Popcorn from Cornery, Ion Orchard (menu)

I bought the chocolate flavor for my brother (as requested). I chose the caramel flavor for myself... Simply because I love anything that is of caramel flavor (eg. KOI's caramel milk tea, caramel candies, caramel cake. Anything that's caramel-ish, in fact!)

Popcorn for the Ongs!
Popcorn from Cornery, Ion Orchard

There are 3 sizes to choose from - Grab, regular and large. The ones that I bought are in grab sizes and they come in plastic containers. And once I remove the plastic cover, there is an additional plastic seal to seal off the air. The regular and large sizes come in sealed plastic packs though.

I had finished my own tub of caramel popcorn on Friday night, while watching the 'Three Times' movie on DVD (starring Shu Qi). I like the caramel flavor... Or maybe I am biased to caramel. Hehhee! It may be rather sweet for those non sweet-toothed people! Don't say I never warn ya! ;p

I never know popcorn can taste that yummy!
Popcorn from Cornery, Ion Orchard

Actually the reason I headed to Ion was for lunch, which I had it at The Marmalade Pantry. I wouldn't say that it was fabulous - Afterall the steak sandwich which I ordered was not cooked as requested to medium. Instead, I was served with a piece of medium rare steak. But I like the wasabi mayonnaise that was spread between the sandwich... and this is actually coming from someone who prefers non-spicy food, so it is indeed nice, alright? HEH! And just to add, the sandwich was also served with caramelized onions and rocket. A big fan of rocket veg, I am... But certainly not for onions!

The other dish that was ordered was the soft scrambled eggs & house-cured salmon (which I felt was a splendid combination). The berries smoothie which I also ordered was nice too, though not as sweet as I was hoping it to be.

I would actually put P.S Cafe and The Marmalade Pantry in the same category, but I'd prefer the former to the latter. If you have dined at these 2 places before, which do you prefer? =)

4 Response to Popcorn from Cornery

10 May 2010 at 22:05

I don't really favor popcorn but seeing the many flavors which Cornery offers, I am tempted to buy some and try liao.

11 May 2010 at 00:07

Yes, Im not into popcorn initially... But then, now Im rather hooked. I think its a great snack when Im watching DVDs at home (as how I discovered over last weekend! LOL!)

Do get them at Ion Orchard! Pretty convenient location! :D

30 May 2010 at 15:15

I 'heart' popcorn, be it salty or sweet.
Will definitely head down to ION to try it.

I prefer PS cafe too. I like the Palais Renaissance branch :)

30 May 2010 at 16:11

@Michelle I prefer sweet ones! I just had the sweet ones when I was watching Prince of Persia movie last night. But I still prefer the popcorn from Cornery. So far after blogging this, I had bought 3 packets (the medium sized ones)already. Will be posting up the pic of the popcorn in packet forms soon! :)

Ah... PS Cafe! I like the Palais Renaissance branch, but the one at Dempsey offers a nice location and setting too! :D

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